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Certified Homecare Consulting Reviews: Certified Homecare Consulting Expands Home Health Agency Support Product and Service Offerings


Home care industry experts Certified Homecare Consulting (CHC) has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by aggressively expanding the availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and home health care agency educational support and guidance services offered to both home health care start-up and existing home health care agency clients.


BOSTON, May 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Certified Homecare Consulting (CHC), a home health care consulting company with offices in Salem, New Hampshire, and Boston, Massachusetts, is responding to the limited availability of PPE supply resources through strengthening its ordering positions with new and existing supply chain partners in order to ensure that home health care provider agencies are able to source these materials from a reliable partner in a timely manner, with limited supply disruptions and cost increases.


Certified Homecare Consulting Product Offerings

America needs home care agencies now more than ever. You were born to do this. Call today for more information.

America needs home care agencies now more than ever. You were born to do this. Call today for more information.


The standard PPE kit available from CHC includes a CPR mask, powder-free nitrile gloves, disposable isolation gown, biohazard waste bag, N95/KN95 respirator mask, disposable safety glasses, and antimicrobial hand wipes. Certified Homecare Consulting is now offering separate from the PPE kits, protective full-face shields, individual travel-sized hand sanitizer, BP cuffs, stethoscopes and otoscopes to assist home health care agencies in being well prepared for day-to-day workloads and emergencies at all times.


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In addition, CHC is providing updated documentation in forms and procedures to all new and existing home health care agency clients covering patient admissions and home health care procedures surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. These new home health care procedures and materials address COVID-19 updated methods for patient care, as well as interaction with family and loved ones. Certified Homecare Consulting’s COO Marcus Ponce de Leon commented, “We’re excited to be able to provide even more services to our agency partners and the Homecare community overall as we continue to grow in our role as a reliable source of quality information and working materials for everyone looking to start up and maintain successful agency operations in the industry during these challenging times and thereafter.”


Certified Homecare Consulting Reviews


Certified Homecare Consulting offers home health care consulting services to individuals and companies who would like to start a home health care businesshome care business or hospice business without home care franchise fees, royalties or restrictions.


Celebrating its 13th year in operation, Certified Homecare Consulting leads the industry in effective reliable ongoing home health care consulting and support for start-up agency owners and existing agencies alike, with credentialing and enrollment services available for Medicare, Medicaid Waivers, Veterans Administration and private insurance throughout the United States. Today, Certified Homecare Consulting is working diligently to help our partner agencies navigate the constant challenges they face with caregiving during a global pandemic while maintaining operational compliance and ensuring that all agencies are well situated to provide excellent and continuous quality care. For information on how to start a home health care business or to get your existing agency back on track for successful operations, visit https://www.certifiedhomecareconsulting.com or call 603-508-6172.


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