What is Google AdWords and how does Google AdWords work?

Google AdWords allows your ads to display on the first page of Google when people search the words or terms you choose. Google AdWords also allows you to show ads on Google partner websites (TMZ, Fox, CNN, etc. – there are tens of thousands), YouTube, within Gmail, etc. In addition, you can do more than simply choose the terms you want to make your ads visible on the first page of Google, you can also have your ads display on these partner sites for those who have previously searched those terms. You can also have your ad appear for anyone who has visited your website, to custom email lists, etc. There are so many options and targets when using Google AdWords. 

Have you ever used Google AdWords?

If you have not, thank goodness. You need assistance. We are glad you are researching Google AdWords before diving in. Google AdWords is not easy like Facebook, and even if you do set your Google AdWords campaigns up successfully, there is no way you can get the most out of Google AdWords at the lowest cost without significant education and real world application. We do not say that to scare you, it is simply the truth. Google AdWords in complex. Are you targeting different locations and using bid adjustments? Are you using demographic adjustments that apply to your business? These are questions you would not even know to ask. Many folks try Google AdWords without knowing what they are doing and end up saying Google AdWords does not work. Google AdWords works for MOST, but not all business models. Call Sell and Grow for a free consultation. We are not sharks – we tell it how it is and we are happy to guide you in the right path, even if that means choosing not to work with us.

How does Google AdWords work?

When you advertise on Google AdWords, you are bidding against other businesses just like yours who want people to find their website using the same terms you are choosing. This may sound intimidating, but it is not. It’s a matter of asking yourself how much a customer, sale, etc. is worth to your business and then setting a budget to get these leads, traffic, etc. and letting the law of averages take their course. Of course, we are not about average, but this is the best way to explain what your objective and goal is when using Google AdWords. In addition, there are other factors that apply to the cost of bidding – how does your ad match up to the content it is being directed to? Is your website relevant to the ad and keywords? And other factors…

Overall, Google AdWords costs can vary, but it can also cost as much or as little as you would like (call us, it is easier to explain). You must ask yourself how much a lead, client, sale, new business, etc. is worth and reverse engineer. Sounds complex, but it is not if you know what you are doing. What you do after you secure the qualified lead, client, etc. is where it becomes complex. You need to have a good system to sell, close, capture, etc. Call us today to find out if Google AdWords is the right choice for your business. And if it’s not, we will let you know which route you should be taking with your marketing and business development.

How to advertise using Google AdWords

All you have to do to start using Google AdWords is setup an account. Google will even assist you, but please beware; they give the same advice to all business models. Google AdWords does not even work for some business models – they do not care – neither do most Google AdWords partners or consultants. We know business development, let Sell and Grow help you understand if Google AdWords is right for you. Do not just do it and do it the way Google tells you to.

Google AdWords makes us bid against other companies. What does that even mean?

This sounds far more intimidating than it really is. You choose what you want to pay per lead, client, or new business and stay within those parameters. You can put a cap on all bids and daily spend, getting as few or as little leads as possible. What they cost is determined both by your industry/market as well as your Google AdWords and website optimization (call us for a deeper understanding or to do it for you).

How often do I have to bid on Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is ongoing. There is end of auction or bidding, it keeps going and going. However, you choose bid adjustments based on terms, location, demographic, and more. Again, this can be very complex, but let us start you off on the right track and get your Google AdWords account up and running for you. Call Sell and Grow today for a hassle free consultation.

Already advertising on Google AdWords?

Let us take a look and give you some free advice on your Google AdWords strategy, or possibly, you want us to manage Google AdWords for you. Sell and Grow can help you get the leads, close the sales, lead the team, and so much more.