Sales Consulting


We offer Sales Consulting solutions from training, to outsourcing. It doesn’t matter if you’re the Owner, President, CEO, COO, or Sales Professional of a company that sells tangible products or intangible services. It makes no difference, the amount of sales experience you have – we can help.


We offer:


Sales Training – Learn how to Sell and Close a sales. Our training is customized based on your needs and level of advancement.


Sales Outsourcing (Outsource your sales department to our US based team here in Boston Massachusetts) – We will learn your business and effectively sell your product or service using out proven methods.


If you want to SELL:


  • You must understand your offering as compared to your competitions offering, including benefits, cost, edge, etc.
  •  You have to know who a qualified lead really is. You want to learn the best way to find these buyers.
  •  You need to determine the best way to introduce your products and services to these buyers.
  •  You need to assure that you are taking full advantage of the sales opportunity a buyer is providing you once they contact your business.


The sales process begins the moment a buyer contacts your business. The following should be considered:


  • The buyers first impression be it a receptionist, greeter, random employee picking up the phone, etc.
  • The sales process – from beginning to end, how do you convince the buyer to be agreeable and become a customer?
  • Closing the sale – whether you are speaking with leads over the phone, or they are walking through your door, you must ask for their business and you must handle objections.

Sell and Grow is PASSIONATE about your business goals and objectives

Why should you work with Sell and Grow?


Sell and Grow has extensive sales and management experience guaranteed to yield results. Our salesmen and women, consultants and trainers have achieved ridiculous successful through their careers in inbound and outbound sales. Along with the expertise only experience can provide, and having a strong background in business development and operations, Sell and Grow delivers.


Our real world experience coupled with the many lessons and teachings learned from legends such as Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar, to the Grant Cardone’s of today, assure that you are in for a real treat.


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